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History of the Section

The Bibliographic Section was established in 1957 with Gábor Kemény G.’s leadership, who was followed by Rabán Gerézdi in 1962, then Kálmán Vargha in 1965 and György Kókay from 1985 until his death. Following the initial smaller and bigger literary historical bibliographic works, the large-scale, synthetic bibliographic enterprise, which had been unprecedented in the history of the discipline, started in the 1960s. The aim of this work was to collect and systemize the complete literature written so far on literary history, and publish it in a series titled The Bibliography of Hungarian Literary History (A magyar irodalomtörténet bibliográfiája). The bibliography takes into consideration literary history monographs, studies, articles and reviews, together with critical editions, series of oeuvres and text publications with notes. The pre-1970 literature was classified on the basis of the big periods of literary history with a division between a general and a personal part.

The literature on literary history written between 1970 and 1990 is included in the annual bibliographic compilations of the National Széchenyi Library. The further volumes of the bibliography were again written in the Institute: the volume of 1991–1995 was published in 2007 (editor-in-chief: György Kókay, editors: Zsófia B. Hajtó and Karola Csóra). The bibliography of the years between 1996 and 2000 was edited by Karola Csóra and issued in 2013. From 2013 on, the bibliography will be published on the internet in a database in annual division. The preparations of this work are in progress.

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